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Contentful vs Strapi a comparison
A comparison of the Contentful headless CMS with the open source Strapi headless CMS

Last Updated: 30th April 2021

TLDR: I would recommend Contentful as the goto CMS for media companies and Strapi as a goto customizable backend for tech companies.

Contentful is a powerful headless cms. It comes loaded with features. It is an ideal CMS for publishing houses and large teams. It is hosted in the cloud and ready to be used.

Contentful has a markdown editor for rich text. The markdown editor of contentful has a few extra options like undo, redo, insert symbols, insert tables, indentation, code block.

Below are some of the features I liked in contentful

  • Single sign on, Useful when we are building an app and already have an authentication system in place.
  • Role based access, Useful to implement editorial flows. For different roles, like contributor, editor, publisher.
  • Spaces, To power multiple portals from a single account.
  • Strong ecosystem, E.g the contentful plugin in Gatsby is feature rich because of the number of users and contributors.

Contentful pricing plan is here

Contentful Dashboard

Strapi is great for organisations who want to build a custom CMS solution while keeping control on their data. Strapi is an open source CMS, written in node.js and react.js. Strapi needs a server with minimum 2GB RAM. Strapi is free.

Strapi is highly configurable, everything can be configured - admin panel, database, api routes, models, controllers. It can use sql, postgres or nosql based db’s. This makes strapi great to roll out your own custom backend!

Strapi by default has a markdown editor for rich text. Strapi also gives the ability to replace the default editor, with your own WYSISWYG editor.

Strapi has an enterprise edition, which is not open source. The enterprise edition comes with features typically needed by large enterprises. Things like advanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Single Sign On (SSO)

The strapi codebase on github is here - Strapi github

Strapi Dashboard

I would recommend Contentful as a great CMS for media companies. I would recommend Strapi has a great backend for tech companies.

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